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The Wax Carving Intensive Workshop is–ummm–intense. This fast paced workshop covers the broadest range of techniques and is our most popular. Expect to finish a couple of projects, and to leave with a piece or two unfinished– but you’ll know how to continue when you get home. Many students take this class more than once–they apply what they can the first time, and come back for more.

The other workshops–Rings, Lathe, and Figurative Carving, dig deeper into each subject–and are not as fast paced. 

Wax Carving Intensive Workshop

with Kate Wolf, 5 days, All skill levels welcome

May 20-24, 2024, Mon-Fri
June 10-14, 2024, Mon-Fri
Oct 9-13, 2024, Wed-Sun

9am – 5pm
$995 includes materials
Wolf Workshops Wax Carving Intensive

Wolf Wax is an amazing material. In this hands on workshop we will explore innovative approaches to wax carving with an emphasis on encouraging confidence and creativity. We will explore transferring patterns and direct layout; carving flowers; rings, bezels and partial bezels for cabochons and facetted stones; contour fit shadow bands; hollow forms and mirror images; flame techniques; textures; faux granulation; pierced out work; hollowing; finishing, repairing; toolmaking and more. Learn how to rapidly and accurately remove excess material using the flex shaft for affordable lathe and milling processes. We will be working with Wolf Milling Wax™. There will be live, highly magnified demos of many wax techniques. This workshop covers many techniques. Expect to finish a couple of projects, and leave with a few pieces in process.

Flex Shaft Lathe Workshop

with Kate Wolf, 3 days, All skill levels welcome

July 10-12, 2024, Wed-Fri

9am – 5pm
$595 includes materials
Kate Wolf, Flex Shaft Workshop
Turn your flex shaft into a lathe! We’ll make rings, bezels, vessels and more…
In this three day, hands on workshop we will use Wolf Waxes and Wax Carving Tools to learn affordable lathe techniques using a flex shaft. Students will make rings, bezels for round cabochons and facetted stones; and more. We will also learn how to how to hollow the waxes, play with surface embellishment, attach bezels to rings and and finish the waxes. Learn helpful shortcuts and use handy, efficient tools to get the most professional results out of your wax carving to create beautiful pieces, ready for casting. Kate discusses how to minimize casting problems so you get professional results.

Rings Carving Workshop

with Kate Wolf, 4 days, All skill levels welcome

Aug 5-8, 2024, Mon-Thu

9am – 5pm
$795 includes materials
Wolf Workshops Rings

In this 4 day, hands on workshop we’ll carve a variety of rings. Working with Wolf Milling/Carving Wax learn techniques including: layout, trimming, milling, textures, faux granulation, Relief Wax. Projects include a bypass ring, a textured band, a multiple stone ring using round cabachons and faceted stones, and stones that have points. Workshop price includes materials and stones.

Figurative Carving Workshop

with Kate Wolf, 4 days, All skill levels welcome

Sept 9-12, 2024, Mon-Thu

9am – 5pm
$795 includes materials

Wolf Workshops Figurative Workshop

Carve something representational–like flowers, animals, skulls… We’ll go from concept to rough art to resolved designs and carve a piece that is ready to be cast. Includes direct layout, transferring patterns, trimming, sculpting and finishing. Learn about hollow forms and mirror images. We will be working subtractively with Wolf Milling/Carving Wax.

Technical Drawing

with Kate Wolf, 2 days, All skill levels welcome

July 8-9, 2024, Mon-Tue

9am – 5pm
$395 – materials used in class available for purchase
Kate Wolf Technical Drawing Workshop

In this hands-on, two day workshop, we will create 3-View Technical Drawings in pencil, transforming scribbles into designs that can be easily interpreted. Three View Drawings are essential for communicating with customers, sales staff, designers, CAD specialists and jewelers. Drawing before working at the bench saves time, aids in estimating cost of materials and troubleshooting potential problems. Learning to do these drawings is surprisingly easy–it’s a bit like connecting the dots. It’s time to get over your fear––if you can scribble––you can draw! Kate shows you tips and tricks to make your design process enjoyable.

Whether you are seeking the enhancement of your professional skills or the accomplishment of personal growth and enrichment, a Workshop at Wolf Designs delivers the creative charge you need to thrive in your craft.

Kate Wolf Teaching at screen

Classes are limited to 11 students (Counter Sketching is limited to 13). Instruction is hands-on, and individual attention is a priority. In between live video demos, Kate circles the classroom and helps each student, making sure everyone gets one-on-one instruction. Students receive extensive notes, and access to technical articles. The studio classroom is pleasant and well equipped. Each bench is ready with a flex shaft, wax pen, and all the hand tools you need to have fun while exploring new techniques.

Our goal is to meet each student, at their level, with the utmost of respect, to help them improve their skills and creative processes, and have fun along the way. It’s helpful to have basic bench skills–that being said–newbies have had great successes. All levels are welcome. 


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Workshops at Wolf Designs

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