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Wax Carving Intensive Workshop with Kate Wolf   5 days   All skill levels welcome.
February 17-21, 2020, Mon-Fri,  Creative Side Jewelry Academy, Austin, Texas. WAITLIST
March 16-20, 2020, Mon-Fri,  Rio Grande, Albuquerque, New Mexico. WAITLIST
May 4-8, 2020, Mon-Fri, Wolf Designs, Portland, Maine. WAITLIST
August 10-14, 2020, Mon-Fri, Wolf Designs, Portland, Maine. POSTPONED
September 14-18, 2020, Mon-Fri, Kate Wolf at Wolf Designs, Portland, Maine. POSTPONED
September 30- October 4, 2019, Weds-Sun,  Wolf Designs, Portland, Maine. POSTPONED
October 26-30, 2020,  Mon-Fri, Rio Grande, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Cancelled
November 30- December 4, 2020, Mon-Fri, Creative Side Jewelry Academy, Austin, Texas. Cancelled

Wax Carving Intensive: Wax is an amazing material. In this hands on workshop we will explore innovative approaches to wax carving with an emphasis on encouraging confidence and creativity. We will explore transferring patterns and direct layout; carving flowers; rings, bezels and partial bezels for cabochons and facetted stones; contour fit shadow bands; hollow forms and mirror images; flame techniques; textures; faux granulation; pierced out work; hollowing; finishing, repairing; toolmaking and more. Learn how to rapidly and accurately remove excess material using the flex shaft for affordable lathe and milling processes. We will be working with Wolf Milling Wax™. There will be live, highly magnified demos of many wax techniques. This workshop covers many techniques. Expect to finish a couple of projects, and leave with a few pieces in process.

Wax Figurative & Projects Carving Workshop* with Kate Wolf
June 29- July 2, 2020,  Mon-Thur, 4 days, Wolf Designs, Portland, Maine. POSTPONED
October 12-15, 2020, Mon-Thur, 4 days, Wolf Designs, Portland, Maine. POSTPONED

Figurative and Projects *For those who have taken a class with Kate Wolf or have intermediate jewelry skills. Looking for a refresher on techniques that were covered in a previous class? Do you want to explore new techniques? Do you want help with a project?  Kate spends one-on-one time with each student, and like a trained monkey, does whatever demonstrations they would like on wax carving, finishing, design development, production issues and more.  Emphasis is placed on helping each student take their skills to a higher level, get fired up and have some fun. Bring ongoing projects or get a good start on something new. This dynamic workshop is always different as it is based on each student’s projects.

Freehand Lathe Wax Techniques Workshop, 3 days, with Kate Wolf,
June 22-24, 2020, Mon-Wed, Wolf Designs, Portland, Maine. All skill levels. 
Turn your flex shaft into a lathe! We’ll make rings, bezels for faceted and cabochon stones, vessels, hollow beads and more. We will use Wolf Waxes and Carving Tools to learn affordable lathe techniques using a flex shaft.We will also learn how to hollow the waxes, play with surface embellishment, piercing, carving, and heat techniques. We will attach bezels to rings and finish the waxes. Learn helpful shortcuts and use handy, efficient tools to get professional results out of your wax carving, creating beautiful pieces, ready for casting. Kate will discuss how to minimize casting problems so you get the professional results you want!

Rings, Rings, Rings Wax Carving Workshop, 2 days, with Kate Wolf 
June 25-26, 2020, Thu-Fri
, Wolf Designs, Portland, Maine.
All skill levels.  In this hands on workshop we’ll be working with Wolf Milling Wax Ring Tubes, carving rings with and without stones. Learn how to layout, trim, size, carve, hollow and finish waxes. We’ll explore surface textures, flame techniques and use Wolf Relief Wax to make raised decorative surface embellishments. We’ll use Wolf’s Touch-Up Wax to adjust settings and fix surface imperfections. Learn time saving techniques using the Wolf Trimmer to quickly and accurately remove the bulk of material. We’ll discuss how to make your pieces to minimize casting defects.

Counter Sketching Workshop with Remy Rotenier, August 24-28, 2020, POSTPONED Mon-Fri, 5 day,  at Wolf Designs, Portland, Maine.   Take this class to develop the skills necessary to transform rough sketches into resolved designs and color renderings for custom work and creating jewelry collections.This course is broken down in three days of black and white sketching and two days of color rendering. Starting with basic pencil sketching and rendering skills, understand and depict the difference between opaque, metallic, and transparent materials, and develop abilities to rapidly express ideas or visually explain a project to a customer. Learn to draw a variety of rings, and gemstones and put them in perspective. These techniques help build confidence to create powerful drawings which will help communicate ideas, work out problems, and refine designs on paper. The class concludes with basic techniques for rendering metals and gemstones in opaque gouache and translucent watercolor.    Remy Rotenier was born in Paris where he studied jewelry design and gemology. He worked for high end European jewelers until he became an in house designer for Tiffany and Co for 9 years. He was design Director for Kabana for twelve years. Remy is now an independent jewelry designer and has his collections on Jewelry Television.  www.remyrotenier.com

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