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Kate Wolf, educator, jeweler. Wolf Tools, Wolf Wax, Kate Wolf Designs Workshops

Wolf Wax

Wolf’s Touch-Up Wax™ is ideal for final touch-up of
 surface imperfections such as pits and cracks on carving waxes. Flow Touch-Up Wax inside bezel walls for a tighter fit. Use hot tool to melt and apply Touch-Up Wax. Allow a few minutes for it to harden, then excess Touch-Up Wax can easily be scraped off for a smooth finish. This wax is liquid at 165°F.

Wolf’s Relief  Wax™ is ideal for creating intricate raised detail on the surface of carving and milling waxes. Apply Wolf’s Relief Wax™
onto finished carving wax with a wax pen and
 allow it to harden for a few minutes. Excess Relief  Wax is easily carved and detailed.
The red color provides contrast making it easy to see detail and thickness of raised design.
 Melts at approximately 155°F.

Wolf Milling Wax™ by Ferris® is also know as Wolf Carving Wax and is available in many sizes of blocks, slices, round bars, ring tubes and other designer shapes to best
 meet your near net shape milling needs. Wolf Milling Wax™ by Ferris® can be special 
ordered in slices to fit any 3-D wax milling machine. Today’s high speed 3-D wax milling machines demand a wax that withstands extremely high RPM milling– and that is exactly what Wolf Milling Wax™ by Ferris® delivers. Possessing both high 
ductility and toughness, Wolf Milling Wax™ can be milled into 
the thinnest of cross sections with the most intricate details and 
minimal tool path residue. Wolf Milling Wax™ patterns clean up easily and burn out completely. Wax models produced from Wolf Milling Wax™ exhibit a goldish tone that is both easily read and helpful in visualizing how the finished piece will look when cast. Wolf Milling Wax™ by Ferris® 
is  an excellent hand carving wax!

Wolf’s Wicked Sticky Positioning  Wax™ is used to secure stones for accurate positioning and
tracing.It is used to layout stone for pave’ setting. Use for attaching lower melting temperature waxes to
carving wax.