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Wolf’s Precision Wax Carvers

Wolf’s Precision Wax Carvers are made of tool steel for precise, sharp, durable edges. The wood handles are color coded and numbered for quick identification.

The set of 18 tools comes complete with lidded plastic/wood canister and 24 page, 7”x7” full-color instructional booklet. Ideal for hand wax carving and touching up CAM models.

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Kate Wolf Tools Canister

Wolf Micro Carvers

By popular demand. These carvers are smaller than the original 18 piece set and are ideal for making smaller settings and fine detailing of wax patterns. Set of 8, precision ground tool steel Micro Carving Tools with lidded plastic/wood canister. These tools have color coded and numbered wood handles.

Wolf’s Precision Wax Carvers Booklet

24 page, 7” x 7” full-color booklet featuring Wolf’s Precision Carvers and Wolf Wax by Ferris™. With over 120 color photographs, illustrations, step-by-step instructions and tips. This booklet is included with the 18pc Set of Wolf’s Precision Wax Carvers, or it can be purchased separately.

Wolf Adjustable Trimmer

Plastic, stainless steel and aluminum. Slides over a #30 flex shaft handpiece. The deck is 3.5 x 4”. Use with cylinder bur (11.1 mm diameter maximum) to quickly and accurately trim carving wax or plastic. Deck is adjustable to do angled cuts. Use with separating disk(s) on metal to cut grooves for inlay or channel setting. Includes rip fence. Can be hand held (against a bench pin or table top) or held in a GRS Benchmate™ with the included adaptor. Manufactured by Foredom.

Wolf Trimmer

Plastic and stainless steel. The top is 3” diameter for easy use. Slides over a #30 flex shaft handpiece. Use with cylinder bur (11mm diameter maximum) to quickly and accurately trim carving wax or plastic. Use with separating disk(s) on metal to cut grooves for inlay or channel setting. Can be hand held (against a bench pin or table top) or held in a GRS Benchmate™.
Manufactured by Foredom.

Wolf Clay By WolfTools

Wolf Clay 6 oz.

Wolf Clay holds metal pieces in place when soldering. Use to support Argentium Silver when fusing or soldering. Use to make shadow bands. (See articles A Perfect Match and Crazy Soldering in Learning Library.) Will not swell, deform or burn. Do Not use with Platinum. Wolf Clay does not contain asbestos or other dangerous ingredients. Can be reused a few times.

Wolf Mandrels

Wolf mandrels have larger diameters and run true for quicker smoother finishing. Wrap a strip of sand paper around mandrel.

Wolf Groovy Cross-Lock Tweezers

The perpendicular groove in the jaws of these tweezers allows you to securely hold a wire, earring post or solder in position for precise soldering. Heat resistant fiber grips.

Wolf Burs

Wolf High Speed Cylinder and Round Burs are Coarse cut for rapid removal of wax or plastic. Use in rotary hand piece, drill press, milling machine or with Wolf Trimmers.

Wolf Cylinder Burs have teeth on the end for milling. The cutting surface is 25mm long and shanks are 25mm long. The 11.1 and 8mm Cylinder Burs have 1/8” shanks, the other burs have 3/32” shanks.

Wolf Groovy Chain Nose Pliers

Use to close jump rings and to hold wire perpendicular to jaw for accurate filing and bending

Wolf Groovy Looping Pliers

One tapered jaw and one narrow grooved jaw make it easy to reproduce 3 sizes of loops for wire wrapping and making earring loops.

Wolf Looping Pliers

Tapered jaw for loop making. Narrow flat jaw helps make a tight, close bend.

How to Purchase

Wolf Tools only sells directly to current and former students of Kate Wolf.
All other orders may be placed through these tool retailers:

Purchase Wolf Tools and Wolf Wax by Ferris™ at these fine sellers

Beware of counterfeit tools!
Buy only from Wolf Tools retailer. If you are a Wolf Tools retailer contact us to have your link added. 


Rio Grande

Otto Frei



American Jewelry Supply


Cousins Material House

Cookson Precious Metals


Combined Jewellery Services

Australian Jewellers Supply



Master distributer for UK and Europe

Buko   (Belgium)

Aktiv Guld (Denmark)


Wing Wo Hong Industrial Products Ltd

Learn how to use Wolf Tools

Learn hands on techniques for using Wolf Tools with renowned teacher Kate Wolf! Explore innovative approaches to wax carving with an emphasis on encouraging confidence and creativity. Work with Wolf Tools in magnified demos of many wax techniques.

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