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Kate Wolf, educator, jeweler. Wolf Tools, Wolf Wax, Kate Wolf Designs Workshops

Wolf Handtools

Wolf Groovy Cross-Lock Tweezers

The perpendicular groove in the jaws of these tweezers allows you to securely hold a wire, earring post or solder in position for precise soldering. Heat resistant fiber grips.

Wolf Sanding Mandrels

Wolf mandrels have larger diameters and run true for quicker smoother finishing.

Wolf Burs

Wolf High Speed Cylinder and Round Burs are Coarse cut for rapid removal of wax or plastic. Use in rotary hand piece, drill press, milling machine or with Wolf Trimmers.

Wolf Cylinder Burs have teeth on the end for milling. The cutting surface is 25mm long and shanks are 25mm long. The 11.1 and 8mm Cylinder Burs have 1/8” shanks, the other burs have 3/32” shanks.