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In this online workshop we’ll carve rings with and without stones. Learn how to layout, trim, size, carve, hollow and finish waxes. We’ll explore surface embellishments and flame techniques. Includes a lesson on flex shaft lathe techniques.

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Before you sign up…

Make sure you review the intro video and required tools list.

Who is this course for?

This Workshop is for you if–

you have basic jewelry making skills—filing, sawing and using a flex shaft. You have the tools and workspace to work on the projects.

This Workshop is NOT for you if–

If you are new to jewelry making—I’m sorry, but these classes are not for you. I hope to offer classes for you in the future.

Tools required for this class

(Make sure you have these tools before your workshop date)

<p>Tool 1<br /> Tool 2<br /> Tool 3</p>

Intro: Making the most of your class

Course Outline

 The Basics

  • Tools (preview video)
  • Gravers
  • Hot Wax –Wax pens, alcohol lamps
  • Working with stones

Ring Tube Prep

Sawing, trimming and layout

When Bad Things Happen to Good People

How to repair broken waxes, fix surface imperfections, build up areas where you’ve removed too much wax, adjust stone fit