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Kate Wolf, educator, jeweler. Wolf Tools, Wolf Wax, Kate Wolf Designs Workshops

Wolf Milling Wax

  Wolf Milling Wax and Wolf Carving Wax are the same product, just sold under different names. Today’s high speed 3-D wax milling...

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Wolf’s Relief Wax

Wolf’s Relief  Wax™ is ideal for creating intricate raised detail on the surface of carving and milling waxes. Apply Wolf’s Relief...

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Wolf’s Touch-Up Wax

Wolf’s Touch-Up Wax™ is ideal for final touch-up of
 surface imperfections such as pits and cracks on carving waxes. Flow Touch-Up...

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Wolf Wax

Wolf Milling Wax™ by Ferris® is available in many sizes of blocks, slices, round bars and ring tubes and is ideal for milling and hand carving.

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