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Kate Wolf, educator, jeweler. Wolf Tools, Wolf Wax, Kate Wolf Designs Workshops

Wolf Pliers

Wolf Pliers are stainless steel and have box joints, dual leaf springs and ergonomic grips.

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Wolf Micro Carvers

By popular demand!
Set of 8, precision ground steel
Micro Carving Tools for fine detailing.

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Wolf Burs

Wolf High Speed Cylinder and Round Burs & Wolf Cylinder Burs. Use in rotary hand piece, drill press, milling machine or with Wolf Trimmers.

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Wolf’s Precision Wax Carvers

The award winning
Wolf’s Precision Wax Carvers are made
of tool steel and have precise,
sharp, durable edges.

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Wolf Handtools

Wolf Wax Burs
Wolf Sanding Mandrels and
Wolf Groovy Cross Lock Tweezers.

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Wolf Trimmer

Use with cylinder bur to quickly
and accurately trim carving wax.

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