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Kate Wolf, educator, jeweler. Wolf Tools, Wolf Wax, Kate Wolf Designs Workshops

Beginners to Experts

“I had been doing wax modelmaking and casting work for my own business for about 5 years when I was lucky enough to find out about Kate Wolf.
I took her workshop with the idea of learning certain aspects about wax carving. Learn I did!!! I couldn’t believe how much information I was able to pick up in the workshop. My work time has been cut in half. I highly recommend this class for anyone from beginners to experts… Kate is full of knowledge and she actually loves to share what she knows. I can’t wait to take the class again…”
-Marc Williams, MarcCo. Jewelry Mfg., Swoyersville, Pa.


  1. Hi Molly, Thank you for your interest in my carving workshops.

    I prefer classes that have a mixed range of experience- from zero to decades- as that is like real life, and it make for a dynamic learning experience. Newbies are very welcome!
    My teaching goal is to meet each student, at their level, with the utmost of respect, and help them take it up a few levels, and have a lot of fun along the way.

    So! The Intensive workshop, is the most fast paced, and we cover the most techniques. It is more process based (not project based). The students finish a couple of pieces, and a few other pieces won’t be complete- but you will know how to finish them up when you get home.

    The Figurative class is more project based. Each student works from concept through really rough sloppy sketches, and show you how to refine them, and do the layout and carving. It’s a bit slower paced. Each class is a bit different, based on what all the students want to accomplish.

  2. Hello – I am silversmith who is ready to delve into wax carving! I live in Atlanta and have taken one class with a local jeweler and I loved it… but that was several years ago. I would like to come to one of your workshops. What would be a good workshop for beginners? Thanks so much!

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