Can I buy tools directly from you?

Only if you have taken a class with me (except for Wolf Clay). This policy is respectful of those who market and distribute my tools; and my time spent taking individual orders and shipping takes away from more important tasks.

How do I get good at carving?

Get lost in the process. Carve a pound of wax. Have fun! Make a mistake—and then do a taaa-daaaaa! Play without being attached to results. Push your boundaries—get out of your comfort zone. Take each carver out of the canister and play with it—see what else you can do with it. Read the booklet that comes with the Carvers. Carve some more wax. Make another mistake and do another Taaaaa-daaaaaa! Instead of setting out to make one perfect ring–prep 4 ring blanks and play with the expectation that you will not love them all—but you will learn along the way.

Are you available to teach in my city/studio?

I’m flattered to be invited, but my teaching on the road days are done. Maybe I’ll see you in a class in Portland, Maine one day—or in an online class?

When will you be teaching in-person Maine Workshops?

I’m not sure. I am hoping to have classes in Fall of 2021— Those on the wait-list from 2020 Covid cancellations will most likely fill up these classes.

Is Wolf Wax vegan?

Yup. Not only is it vegan–it’s gluten free (but don’t eat it, it doesn’t taste very good.)

Where can I get help with my Wolf Belt Sander?

The Sander hasn’t been my product for years. For help contact Ikohe Inc., they are the original distributors. www.ikohe.com. Check the Learning Library for video clips that may help.