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Kate Wolf, educator, jeweler. Wolf Tools, Wolf Wax, Kate Wolf Designs Workshops

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  1. Hi Joseph, I’m sorry, I somehow didn’t see your message until today!
    RE: shrinkage: when casting, the molten metal shrinks approx. 1%. So, it’s not the carving wax that is causing shrinkage- it’s that the metal that is poured into the burned out flask is expansive, as the metal solidifies, it shrinks. I hope this helps! -Kate

  2. Hi…I have your complete line of waxes & tools. Quick question: how much shrinkage does your wax have, as compared to Matt or Ferris????

  3. I just finished an amazing week taking a class by Kate in her studio in Portland. She is amazing
    and I am so excited about what I learned. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional jeweler or hobbiest you can fit well in her class and take away good practices and great ideas. I agree it is wonderful to learn from the best. I am going to make grape related items for my winery. It was also wonderful to her her stories about the Maine local sites and cultures. The town is so welcoming and so lovely. I think Portland is one of the friendliest towns I have visited in the world. Thank you Kate for giving me a new hobby and I can’t wait to setup my home studio.

  4. Have just started to use wax carvers for jewellery, so I thought I’d start with the BEST first…

  5. Well sorry to say that Kate, but I didn’t know who the heck you were before one of my friend ask me to take a workshop in Portland in Sept 2015.

    The week I spent in Portland at Kate’s Workshop is the most excited week I had. Kate is such a wonderful and big hearted lady 😉

    I had such a wonderful experience, learned so much tricks that she made me fall in love with wax. Aand all her anecdotes are priceless.

    So I registered again in Sept 2016 with my friend. Can’t wait to take the trip again.

    See ya !!!

    Your bb bird !!!

  6. Two of my students purchased Kate’s complete line of wax carving tools and brought them to class this week where I had a chance to try them. I was very impressed with the care that is obviously given to design and manufacture of the tools. Right out of the box (which is also nicely designed) they are sharp and ready to go. Additionally the large wooden handles are gentle on the hands. I will definitely be putting these tools on my recommended supply list.

  7. I Love Kate Wolf! I just want to live in her studio. She is truly a tool whore, and I mean that in the best possible way.

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